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Animator,Architect,Art Director,Cartoonist,Copywriter,Fashion Designer,Film Maker,Fashion Stylist,Fine Artist,Game Designer,Graphic Designer,Illustrator,Jewelry Designer,Journalist,Makeup Artist,Musician,Photographer,Print Designer,Product Designer,Retoucher,Sound Designer,Street Artist,Textile Designer,Typographor,UI/UX Designer,Web Designer
Oops! We ran out of all Coffee Beans in less than 12 hours!
That's got to be a record of some sort!

Thank you all for such an overwhelming response!
We're launching soon :-)
Best things in life are Simple!
Yet it's a hassle to apply for jobs, creative ones in particular.
7dow will be the easiest way to search and apply for Creative Jobs.

What is a Coffee Bean?

Coffee Bean is an introductory virtual currency at 7dow. There are no free lunches in the professional world. Each action in the professional world demands a currency transaction, thus adding value and deeper meaning to it.

Likewise, the creative professionals at 7dow would currently transact using Coffee Beans.